Europe’s first Interledger solutions provider
for blockchains and fiat currencies.

Who we are

STYRA is Europe’s first Interledger solutions provider enabling interoperability between various payment systems all over the world and sourcing on-demand liquidity for those payment systems. We are a fast growing and also funded High-Tech start-up that is leading the way towards interoperability in global payments.

What we do

Solutions for Blockchains

Our solutions are aimed at making cross-currency transactions in a trustless environment possible for exchanges and crypto wallets. By using the Interledger Protocol Suite, micro payments of various crypto currencies can be transfered in a blink of an eye.

Solutions for Payment Providers

The world has many payments schemes. From online wallets  to Mobile Money. These are oftentimes isolated and disconnected. By using ILP we aim at directly linking  payment providers. We are building a seamless experience and hence creating unprecedented interoperability.

Benefits for our Partners

STYRA is the premier company in Europe on-ramping blockchains and payment providers to the Interledger network. STYRA connects blockchains (e.g. networks and exchanges) and payment providers (e.g. digital wallets, mobile money, banks etc.), hence ushering into the new era of the “Internet of Payments”.

Through STYRA you get all the benefits of Interledger:


Packets of money flow seamlessly between ledgers


Sending payments across various ledgers


Multi-hop payments are secured via Hashed-Timelock Agreements (HTLA)


Any currency or payment system can be integrated into the open network ILP


Made for high volume low value transactions and on-demand liquidity


Anyone can connect to the open network architecture of independent payment networks


We’d love to hear from you!

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References & Partners

Founder Team


Julian Schulz

Co-Founder, Business Development
Julian's expertise is in business creation & development, strategy and marketing. Prior to STYRA, Julian worked for a board member of Daimler Financial Services. He has experience in the development of innovative FinTech solutions through his work at GFT Technologies SE in Barcelona. He is responsible for business development.

Ernest Eze

Co-Founder, Finance & Operations
Ernest is experienced in the area of FinTech operations. Prior to STYRA, Ernest worked in the corporate M&A department of GFT Technologies SE in international transactions. He gained his work experience in M&A advisory and private equity. Ernest is responsible for the areas finance and operations.

Martin Lowinski

Co-Founder, IT
Martin is passionate about the topics around blockchain, Interledger and interoperability. Prior to STYRA, he worked as a freelancer in software engineering for eight years. He has gained experience in the development of innovative IT solutions through his work and research with IBM and Bosch. He leads the technology development efforts at STYRA.
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